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Blender export to i3d

Postby noiz » Fri Oct 16, 2009 1:39 pm

Hi all
I'm not really sure if I'm in the right place, and if anyone here can help me with this, but I just cant find my answer anywhere.
The problem is, I'm making a model for a game, in blender, and then I need
to export the model to an i3d file so that it works with the Giants editor
I downloaded a plugin / script from giants homepage so that I'm able to export to i3d files. This is all fine, and works as it should
also with python and all. But when I export to i3d, and open the file in Giants, the model is changed and stretched and doesn't look
at all like I made it :shock:
Do I need to do anything to the model before I export?
I know all the cubes, cylinders etc. I made the model from, is just placed next to each other to form what I want, do I need to merge/join/form or what ever, to make the model in "one" piece?

Hope someone here might have an idea what I'm doing wrong.


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